Contributor Guidelines

Medijska istraživanja / Media Research
Croatian journal for journalism and media

The journal Medijska istraživanja/Media Research is international in scope. It especially invites contributions of interdisciplinary, comparative and innovative nature that contribute to theoretical and methodological development of the communication fi eld. The editors welcome theoretical contribution, empirical research, symposia proceedings, book reviews, information on future conferences and meetings. The key issues are: communication and media policy, normative theories in communication studies, implementation of international human rights standards for the fi eld of media and journalism, journalism and public communication in the world of politics, education and media, media and culture, new media and traditional media. According to ethics of scientific publishing, we consider only papers that are not already published (in full or partly) elsewere and that they are not in process of reviewing or publishing elsewere. Media Research is under the CC (Creative Commons) licence (CC BY NC ND).

Author is the copyright holder, with the quoting of the source and in agreement with the publisher.
Authors allowe publisher to link theirs papers on web paige Media Research.

Contributions should be sent to the Editor-in-Chief at

Latest date for submission of the contribution is at least 2 months before the issue is released. 
First page should contain:

  1. the name(s), position and degree of the author(s);
  2. the name and brief institutional address(es);
  3. phone number or e-mail;
  4. maximum length of articles is 50,000 characters (8,000 words), 12-point, Times Roman, a ragged (not justifi ed) right margin; do not use headers and footers;
  5. all manuscripts should have a summary of about 250 words;
  6. avoid in the text footnotes and abbreviations except those that are widely understood; if abbreviations must be used, explain them when they are fi rst mentioned; write numbers one to nine in full in the text, except when they are attached to units of measure;
  7. tables and fi gures should be numbered and carry a short title (list sources if necessary); use the table feature in Word to create tables;
  8. notes should be numbered consecutively trough the text and typed at the end of the manuscript.

Reference list: References in the text should be cited in the following manner: (Virilio, 1998: 45).

Books should be cited: Virilio, P. (1998) La Bombe informatique. Paris: Galilée.

Chapters in books and almanac should be cited: Golding, P.  G. Murdock (1979) “Ideology and the mass media: The question of determination”, pp. 189–224. In: M. Barrett et al.: Ideology and Cultural Production. London: Croom Helm.

Journal articles should be cited: sueh, M., Yogeeswaran, K.  S. Malinen (2015) “Leave Your Comment Below: Can Biased Online Comments Influence Our Own Prejudicial Attituds and Behaviors?”, Human Communication Research, 41 (4), 557–576. doi: 10.1111/hcre.12059.

When sending electronic contributions, in case diagrams are added to the text, they should also be provided as separate file(s) in the format of the program used for creating them (e.g. MS Excel or similar).  

Peer-review: All articles undergo double-blind peer review. The editor reserves the right to reject any unsuitable manuscript without requesting an external review. Journal does not charge processing or publishing charges.

We are looking forward to your contributions!  

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