Special Issue June, 2018, Vol 24 : Political Communication and Campaigning in South-East Europe Guest-Editors: Jelena Jurisic and Lucia Vesnic-Alujevic



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Special Issue: Political Communication and Campaigning in South-East Europe

Guest-Editors: Jelena Jurisic and Lucia Vesnic-Alujevic


In the majority of South-East European countries (Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia, Macedonia, Kosovo, Albania, Bulgaria, Romania), the first democratic elections were held approximately 25 years ago. Since then, these countries have experienced significant political, cultural, economic and social changes and challenges, such as the transition from communism to democracy, from one-party systems to multi-party systems, from censorship and media under constant political pressure to free media. In many of them, the process of post-communist transition and democratization coincided with the state-building process. The basis of democracy, rule of law, political dialogue and human rights were relatively slowly being established.  

This all led to the transformations of political communication and campaigning, as well as political elites themselves, media and audiences. Many world-famous political consultants and agencies were hired to organize political campaigns, help candidates win and teach them the basics of political advertising.

Following world and European trends, political communication in South-East Europe nowadays is characterized by the extensive use of digital media and social networks. This is also due to the high internet usage in these countries.

The special issue is looking at the development of political communication in the region of South-East Europe, especially in relation to electoral campaigning and advertising and the rise of digital media, as we feel that this region is not researched enough in the field of political communication. We look forward to receiving papers that discuss these issues from different theoretical and methodological perspectives.

Specific areas of interest include, but are not limited to:

- Historical development of campaigning
- Comparative research of different electoral cycles and different countries
- Campaigning in traditional and social media
- Political advertising
- Political rhetoric
- Personalization
- TV debates
- Audiences
- Public opinion

Submission Instructions

Deadline for submitting full manuscripts is *31 MAY 2017*. The articles should be 6-7.000 word long, including references. They need to be original, not previously published or under review elsewhere. All contributions will be subjected to two blind peer reviews. Full articles should be sent in accordance with the Contributor guidelines <http://nmi.hr/en/guidelines-for-contributors/> to the email address: jjurisic@hrstud.hr 

Special Issue Media Research/Medijska istraživanja: Political Communication and Campaigning in South-East Europe will be published June, 2018, Vol 24.