The Place and Role of Culture in the EU Agenda. Policy Implications of the Culture Sub-programme of the Creative Europe Programme

Author: Jaka Primorac, Nina Obuljen Koržinek, Aleksanda Uzelac


The article looks at the policy implications of the changing position of culture, analysing shifts in understanding the role and position of culture in the broader EU agenda. Following short analysis of the changing European Union’s discourse pertaining to culture and media sectors, authors analyse wider policy context of the Culture Sub-programme of the Creative Europe Programme adopted in 2013. The analysis approaches the subject from two main angles; firstly, reviewing the policy architecture of the Programme and its feasibility; and secondly, focusing on the terms of the stakeholders’ agreements. Authors investigate whether the instrument is well adjusted to the current situation and how it responds to the needs of these sectors. By investigating the proposed and adopted instruments of the Programme, the authors show the trajectory of the ‘competitiveness’ discourse in the creation of the Programme and its’ further strengthening in the most recent policies for the cultural sector.

Key words: Creative Europe Programme, cultural policy, cultural sector, European Union, public policy
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