Perception of News Selection Criteria by Journalists in Croatian Daily Newspapers

Author: Tanja Grmuša, Goran Popović Mirela, Banek Zorica


The selection of news is at the center of the study of various authors, especially because of the variability of news values indicators which affect the journalist’s decision about which event is going to be published. However, most previous authors examined that process from the theoretical aspect (Galtung and Ruge, 1965, Schulz, 1975, Gans, 1980), while a few of them did empirical tests (Kanižaj, 2010; Perišin, 2010; Prpić, Popović, Hadžić, 2011). A special challenge thereby is monitoring specifi c areas such as the EU topics, which often remain in the shadow of the national topics. The paper presents the results of the research of perception of news selection indicators divided into internal and external criteria, whose suitability and applicability was appraised by journalists in six widely read daily newspapers ‒ Jutarnji list, Večernji list, 24 sata, Novi list, Slobodna Dalmacija and Glas Slavonije. The research, that was conducted at the end of October and in early November 2014, by online survey on a sample of N=62 journalists divided into two groups ‒ journalists who cover EU topics and journalists who cover other topics, found that the journalist’s imaginary theoretical concept evaluate in the broader context of professional standards. At the same time, the results have shown that there were no signifi cant differences between the journalists from the six observed newsrooms, but according to the average scores, there were some differences in news selection by following criteria: bias vs. impartiality, personalization and human interest, editorial policy, the impact of elite people and elite nations and the infl uence of interest groups. Also, the research showed that there are differences between the journalists who cover the EU and journalists who cover other topics in four analyzed indicators: human interest and personalization, integrated newsroom and global vs. regional events.

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